Tiger 800 XRx

ราคา :   535,000 บาท

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Throttle Maps

With a choice of 4 different throttle maps on XRx and XCx models, 

1. The Rain map reduces the throttle response to suit wet and slippery situations. 

2. The Road map represents the standard map, extremely linear and smooth for everyday conditions. 

3. The Sport map offers a sharper and quicker response with less throttle twist required. 

4. The Off-Road map provides the optimal throttle response to face dirt tracks and unpaved terrains.

TIGER 800 ถูกสร้าง มาเพื่อพาคุณ ไปทุกที่

Switchable  ABS

The switchable ABS system is standard on all Tiger 800 models for added safety, with both On or Off settings.

Riders on the XRx or XCx can further customise their preferences for the ABS settings via the three Riding Modes.  When Off Road mode is selected, the ABS is disabled to the rear wheel and the system also allows a level of front wheel slip.  This provides the rider with a level of electronic intervention under braking whilst optimizing their off road enjoyment.

Cruise Control

The new Tiger is the first bike in the middleweight adventure sector to offer cruise control.  Standard on the XRx and XCx models, cruise control makes light work of long rides reducing rider fatigue and optimising fuel consumption.


Three Riding Modes

A key feature on the XRx and XCx models is the ability to configure the bike to the terrain at the press of a button.  This automatically configures the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Maps to best tackle the route ahead.  

1. ROAD SETTING – automatically sets the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Map to ‘ROAD’ setting.

2. OFF ROAD SETTING – automatically sets the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Map to “OFF-ROAD” therefore reducing the ABS and traction control intervention allowing for a level of slip.

3. PROGRAMMABLE RIDER MODE – allows the rider to select their chosen settings for ABS, Traction Control, and a choice of 4 x Throttle Maps independently.    


The Tiger’s 95PS three cylinder engine gives the bike a unique character and sophisticated feel.  Inside the engine the raft of changes have reduced mechanical noise and strengthened the premium feel of the triple. 

With 79Nm of torque at 7,850rpm, the engine pulls strongly and smoothly from low speeds, delivers a wide spread of mid-range power and still lets the rider use the higher revs, right up to the 10,000rpm limit.  Making the most of the engine’s eager character has now been made even easier thanks to a lighter and more precise gear change action, which now uses parts from Triumph’s class-leading Daytona 675 supersport bike.

Fuel consumption has been hugely improved – up by 17% on the “mixed use” cycle from 55mpg to 65mpg, and given the 19 L fuel tank capacity it now has a potential range of 272 miles to empty.  This is a 50 miles improvement per full tank of fuel over the outgoing Tiger 800.



The new Tiger has a class-leading chassis which translates to outstanding handling on the road. The Tiger gives plenty of feedback to the rider and has high stability and neutrality, putting the bike exactly where the rider wants it to be on both smooth and uneven surfaces. 

The XR models are fitted with Showa suspension, calibrated to ensure excellent handling on any surface. The front suspension is a 43 mm Showa USD fork, now anodised black. The rear suspension includes a Showa mono-shock which is preload adjustable. 

WP suspension has been used to further boost the Off-Road riding qualities of the new XC models.  The WP 43mm USD fork, with rebound and compression damping is easily adjustable through dedicated clickers on the fork tops. The rear suspension unit is a WP mono shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping and has a dedicated dirt protector for the RSU body.


The new Tiger 800 has been given a new look with a new radiator shroud and tank side panels that have sharp lines and taut surfaces. The new bodywork gives the bike a more prone, dynamic stance but the styling isn’t all just about cosmetic gain, the Tiger’s fuel tank styling also ducts hot air from the engine away from the rider’s legs. The new “Titanium” powder coat finish on the double-tube frame highlights the rugged looks of the frame whilst the semi-matte finish on the engine combined with the bike’s black wheels and handlebars gives the new Tiger a sophisticated, premium look.